Yours Droolly No More Marking Inside Spray 750ml

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We’ve all had that moment, walking bleary eyed into the kitchen after a restless night with your new puppy, only to step your clean sock into a little puddle of wee. Suddenly, your adorable pup, is just ever-so-slightly less adorable in that minute!Help your puppy, and your socks, by using this spray from Yours Droolly. This spray is the ultimate indoor urine deterrent which also eliminates stains and odours- hooray!When sprayed on previously marked areas, it will remove existing stains and odours and leave behind an aroma that is pleasant for humans, but yuck for dogs. Clever!For use on carpets, hard surfaces, fabric, clothing, kennels and carriers.Directions:Shake before usingBefore using, test surface to be treated for colour fastness by applying to a hidden area, wait 5 minutes then wipe with a clothIf colour is removed from the test area, do not use the solution on those surfacesAlways use a full strengthTo prevent repetitive marking:Thoroughly soak previously stained area with the solution and wait 5 minutesBlot area with a clothFor areas that have been marked multiple times, a second application may be required

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Yours Droolly No More Marking Inside Spray 750ml
Yours Droolly No More Marking Inside Spray 750ml


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