Best Dog & Cat Automatic Feeder bowls

Looking for the best dog or cat automatic feeder bowls in Australia? Look no further!

If your dog is home for long hours during the day, or you get held back at work on manic Mondays? Is your cat a night muncher? Or maybe you just need to go shopping for a few hours and want your pet to feed themselves?

For many, automatic dog feeders are a godsend. But which one do you buy?

Here’s a few available brands, from cheapest to priciest, with a few nuggets of info on each:

Prestige Pet offer a range of feeders from small to large. The smallest is (currently) the cheapest pet feeder available.

It offers four feeds on a schedule of 8, 12, or 24 hours, so that’s enough to get to the shops and back (with a sleep or two in-between).

A nice touch is the personalised audio message which will ring out to your pet at feeding time. “Dinner’s ready, darling!”

The range also features an ice chamber for keeping food fresh, and can cope with dry or wet food.

Downsides seem to be build quality. Some consumers have said it feels slightly on the cheap size and hard to put together, and the timer can’t be set specifically. If you want to feed 12 hourly at 8am and 8pm then you have to switch it on at one of those times.

It also seems some dogs on the naughty side are able to dismantle the product and devour all the food. As such, this might be more suitable to smaller dogs or cats.

Lucky Pet offer a bigger boy when it comes to pet feeders. This yellow machine has a whopping 18 feeds, and can be set to feed from 1 to 90 days. An alarm will sound when the food is depleted.

There’s some nice additions with this model, especially considering the price. Portion sizes can be set from 1/4 cups to 2 cups, the food container has a pet-proof and moisture-proof lid, and a little sensor prevents overloading of the feed tray to ensure it’s never overfilled.

Downsides are it can only handle dry food. Another downside is it’s only available in yellow, but I don’t think your pet will care.

At present there isn’t much consumer feedback on the product.

We’re really getting into some serious hardware now, with Surefeed being a super-deluxe premium feeder bowl with microchip technology and a collar tag to ensure greedy neighbourhood cats don’t sneak in an eat all the food. Also, if you have multiple pets with different diets, then this feeder is smart enough to feed the right foods to the right pets – genius! This is done by detecting the collar tag, or even identification microchips.

It’s suitable for wet food and dry food, doing a good job in keeping food fresh and free of flies. It also boasts a whopping 6 month battery life on 4 x C Cell batteries (not included with any of the feeders listed).

Upside is it comes in multiple colours for the fashion concious amongst us.

Downside is it’s getting pricy out there!

Last but not least is the big bad daddy pet feeder bowl by PetSafe. This is the priciest of the bunch, but wow does it perform!

This is the only feeder reviewed which can be mains powered, or if batteries are still your thing (are batteries still a thing these days?) then they’ll last you up to 1 year on 4 x D Cells.

With this beast you don’t need to care if your hungry pooch eats 12 times a day. This feeder can handle it. Food can be dispensed at 1/8th cups for teeny weeny dogs (or cats), or 4 cups for your Great Dane or Labrador.

Speaking of labradors, it also has a slow feed option.

The container is pet-proof to prevent your greedy dog gaining access, and the quiet motor ensures your pooch or puss can be fed quietly during the night.

All in all this offers the most deluxe features, with the only downside being it’s dry food only.

That’s all on the best feeder bowls for your dog or cat. Time for you to decide!

If you use any of these automatic pet feeders then make sure you write a review so other’s will know what you think. We hope we’ve helped you find the best automatic feeder bowls in Australia for your dog or cat.

If our reviews have helped then please let us know! If they haven’t helped… please scoot away quietly x

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