Dermcare Aloveen Starter Pack 250ml + 100ml

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Aloveen is a gentle, hypoallergenic shampoo and conditioner perfect for animals with sensitive and normal skin. This pack contains both the Shampoo 250ml and Conditioner 100ml (Duo Pack). Product details Recommended for use on pets any age with atopic and contact dermatitis and for owners who wish to use natural remedies contains 2% oatmeal extract – a stabilised suspension of superfine colloidal oatmeal, renowned for its soothing, anti-itch properties. also contains: an emollient and cooling aloe vera gel shampoo contains a gently cleansing shampoo base, which removes dirt, chemicals and allergens from the coat without irritating the skin shampoo also contains superfine colloidal oatmeal, in a stable suspension that doesn’t separate out and guarantees an even dose throughout the life of the bottle intensive conditioner is a unique, concentrated residual conditioner, specifically designed as a leave on product for deeper conditioning, and to prolong the soothing effects of the shampoo conditioner restores natural skin moisture leaving a glossy, tangle-free coat with a warm pleasant fragrance.

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Dermcare Aloveen Starter Pack 250ml + 100ml
Dermcare Aloveen Starter Pack 250ml + 100ml


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