Sporn Double Grip Control Lead

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Dog training can be a downright tricky business. If your arms aren’t getting pulled out by their sockets, you’re playing elastics with the leash, or trying to avoid getting tripped up or licked to death…and all the while you’re worrying that all that yanking and dragging is going to permanently damage your dog’s neck and destroy your relationship forever. Meanwhile your enthusiastic but endearingly naïve young child is at your side, pleading with you to “let ME try!”. Fret no longer. The Sporn Double Grip Control Leash has a dizzying array of functions useful for training, including: an Adjustable Short Traffic Lead, perfect for training puppies an Adjustable Medium Range Grip with dual handles for extra control a two-dog lead for a second dog dual handles so your child can “help” (and learn how to train a dog in the process) Product details Anti-tangle swivel handle snap, for attaching a dual handle or a second dog ‘Adjusti-Buckle’ allows tweaking of handle length or two-dog length plush handle for comfortable grip steel clasp to attach to the collar suitable for dogs of all sizes.

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Sporn Double Grip Control Lead
Sporn Double Grip Control Lead


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