Furminator Small Dog Short hair

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“We’ll just get a small dog – less dog hair that way.” We like your thinking, but if you’re looking at this product, we’re guessing maybe your small dog isn’t holding up his end of the bargain. The FURminator is the ideal tool for minimising shedding. Lightweight and easy to use, the FURmintor gently gets underneath your dog’s topcoat to access the undercoat. By removing the loose and unwanted hairs in this undercoat the FURminator reduces shedding by up to 90% – without making your dog look or feel any different. Swap constant vacuuming for periodic FURminator-ing, and you and your dog can live happily ever after! Product details suitable for small dogs up to 10kg two types: long hair edge for dogs with coats longer than 5cm (2 inches), and short hair edge for dogs with coats shorter than 5cm (2 inches) long-lasting stainless steel edge removes undercoat and loose hair lessens shedding by up to 90% a breeze to clean

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Furminator Small Dog Short hair
Furminator Small Dog Short hair


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