Exo Terra Reptile Uvb200 Light Bulb 13w

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Exo Terra Reptile Uvb200 Light Bulb 13w Pet: Reptile Category: Reptile & Amphibian Supplies Size: 0.1kg Rich Description: Owning and caring for reptiles can be very challenging but also very rewarding. With Exo Terra youre guaranteed a natural approach to your terrarium hobby with a range of products that work in harmony to create a naturallooking microhabitat for your reptile. Exo Terra indeed makes it possible to cater to a huge range of reptiles including turtles snakes geckos lizards and more. Ideal for desert reptiles with very high UV requirements UVB helps prevent metabolic bone disease Ideal for desert setups or taller terrariums Very high D3 Yield Index Increased Vitamin D3 photosynthesis Maximizes calcium absorption Enhanced UVB penetration distance

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Exo Terra Reptile Uvb200 Light Bulb 13w
Exo Terra Reptile Uvb200 Light Bulb 13w


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