Dermcare Pyohex Starter Pack 250ml + 100ml

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A discount Pyohex starter pack. Contains Pyohex Shampoo 250ml and 100ml Phohex Medicated Lotion. Pyohex Medicated Shampoo and Leave in lotion is a topical antibacterial shampoo to aid in the treatment of superficial dermatitis.Formulated to remove dirt and scale, degrease the skin and kill the cutaneous micro-organisms that primarily or secondarily cause dermatitis. Indications For primary or secondary pyoderma caused by bacteria adjunct to treatment for demodectic mange and other deep pyodermas preventative for recurrent pyodermas helps to remove dirt, scaly skin and grease whilst killing cutaneous micro-organisms does not irritate or dry like a chlorhexidine scrub does not dry or strip the coat of essential lipids needed to prevent transepidermal water loss, a process that promotes infection is pH neutral, specifically designed for canine skin does not irritate or dry like a Chlorhexidine scrub.

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Dermcare Pyohex Starter Pack 250ml + 100ml
Dermcare Pyohex Starter Pack 250ml + 100ml


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