Applaws Cat Litter Natures Calling 2 X 6 Kg

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Applaws Cat Litter Natures Calling 2 X 6 Kg Pet: Cat Category: Cat Supplies Size: 13.3kg Material: Plant Fibre Rich Description: Applaws Natures Calling is a 100 natural cat litter made from the reclaimed lining of the Walnut Shell. This fibrous material is excellent at absorbing and neutralising ammonia is quick clumping and flushable. It is also 100 biodegradable so it is kinder to the environment and safer for you and your cats or kittens. This is a nonfood agricultural product that is not for human consumption. In a nutshell Natures Calling Cat Litter offers incredibly effective odour control thats not only fast clumping and low maintenance but also 100 natural and totally biodegradable so its great for the environment too. Superior Odour Control Made from reclaimed lining of the walnut shell this blend of fibrous material has been proven to absorb odour better than many other cat litter formulas. Fast Clumping Action quicker and easier to clean Fast action formula clumps on contact to form hard clumps within 15 minutes. This makes cleaning simple and quick. Clumps formed by Natures Calling have been certified as safe to dispose of by flushing in toilets 100 Natural Biodegradable. Kinder to the environment Not only is Natures Calling 100 natural and biodegradable but it comes from annually renewable resources so its much kinder to the environment. Low Dust Virtually dust free Natures Calling doesnt contain any harmful chemicals or toxins so its safe for you and your cat. It shouldnt stick to your cats paws so they wont leave a trail of litter behind them. Easy to manage less mess

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Applaws Cat Litter Natures Calling 2 X 6 Kg
Applaws Cat Litter Natures Calling 2 X 6 Kg


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